Court Reporters

Brainloop Secure Dataroom for Court Reporters

  • Strong authentication based on one-time keys sent to clients’ mobile phones as text messages (SMS).
  • Secure and controlled transcripts delivery – transcripts and documents can only be downloaded through web links rather than e-mail attachments.
  • Comprehensive audit trail – complete history and activity reports are available anytime through administrative control panel.
  • Secure PDF – online PDF conversion with secure viewer (Enterprise version) that embed watermarks and/or document IDs to restrict printing or downloading.
  • Full-text search – search across datarooms. Filter on document properties such as status, type, date.
  • Transcript publish – transcripts and documents can be published to clients’ datarooms.
  • Transcript backup – automatically backup daily or weekly.
  • Strong encryption – transcript and documents are stored with encryption.
  • Total Desktop integration – work with files and folders on your desktop in Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer without installing third-party software.
  • Maintenance free – all maintenance and upgrades are done on the server and no user intervention is required.
  • Easy system administration – rigorous separation of application and system administration duties, combined with integrated workflows for managing signoffs for sensitive administration tasks, protect the data store from unauthorized access by internal or external IT personnel.
  • Notifications – a watchlist keeps track of relevant documents, folders, tasks. Relevant notifications are delivered via mail or SMS text messages.