Advanced Legal Technologies, LLC, brings cutting-edge technology and services to the legal profession. We are committed to providing the highest quality litigation technology, support services, and solutions nationwide. We are revolutionizing the litigation support world by combining our legal support services and technology solutions to streamline the process and minimize the expenses for our clients. We will settle for nothing less than complete client satisfaction!

Advanced Legal Technologies, LLC, is a full-service legal technology and support services company, headquartered in Virginia. We are built from years of litigation support service and commercial software experience. We deliver our solutions through a full range of services that include systems integration, network hardware and software solutions, website design, graphic design, real time digital audio recording software, legal digitized video and synchronization software, case management software, and client and personnel legal supplies and tools that are unmatched in the industry. All of these combine to make us the leader in the industry with no true peers. For total legal solutions, we also offer a technology training center with videoconferencing facilities.

Improved client support, consistently high-quality products and services, and a better return for your investment are the ultimate goals of everything we do. This focus makes us the best in the industry.

We have a vision for the products, services, and efficiencies that we are to provide. To meet these demanding and stringent requirements, we have balanced our team and strategic partnerships to quickly produce. Few companies in this industry can leverage such a large pool of talent to meet the new requests generated from their clients.