Advanced Legal Manager Overview


  • Calendar, assignments, orders, tracking, accounting, payroll
  • Windows Explorer style layout for quick data navigation
  • Right-click menu for performing tasks quickly
  • Flexible enough to handle any bill/pay rate structure
  • E-mail reports directly from within the program
  • On-screen work “managers” keep information up close and personal
  • Incredible flexibility for setting system defaults


  • Expandable tree view
  • Quick retrieval by case numbers
  • Tasks box allows a user to send a note to another user, log personal notes, and keep a list of what items you’re assigned in tracking until the step has been completed
  • Calendar section is virtually entirely “point and click” for speedy entry
  • Case caption files can hold even the longest styles
  • E-mail confirmations to clients and personnel
  • See what state an assignment is in with the Status section
  • Schedule Manager provides a place to view, schedule, edit, and confirm daily assignments
  • By grouping personnel, you can quickly see who you have available for any task you need to assign
  • Double-click the assignment line detail to go directly to the Calendar section
  • Tracking Work Flow Manger
  • Convenient invoicing system
  • Wide variety of search capabilities and multiple payments options
  • Cash Receipts
  • Invoice reports