Digital Reporter® Sound Setup Screen

To use Digital Reporter® to record the audio of an assignment, the reporter must first configure Digital Reporter® via the SpeechCAT Sound Setup window. This initial setup only needs to be done once, unless the reporter changes equipment (microphones, etc.).

Digital Reporter® Recording Screen

The main window of Digital Reporter® is the recording screen. It’s parameters can be changed prior to or during the recording session. The annotation window is where the user enters notes during the recording, and it is also where playback text can be located. The Speaker Hot Keys section of the window shows the user’s pre-defined shortcut keys for identifying speakers. The counter shows the recording time and the total length of the audio file, and the volume slider bar allows the user to adjust the input volume.

Digital Transcriber® Player Screen

The screens used most often in Digital Transcriber® are the main window and the notes window. The audio file will open in the main window, and the annotations associated with that audio file will open in the notes window. The buttons/controls for audio playback are located on the main window.