Digital Reporter Overview

Digital Reporter® is a complete hardware and software package specifically designed to digitally record and annotate depositions, trials, hearings, conferences, and other similar events with a time-stamped file that is synchronized to the audio file. The Digital Reporter package includes both primary and back-up equipment to ensure that the entire event is recorded as a high quality digital file, so that an accurate transcription is not only possible, but easy! The notebook computer with Digital Reporter software allows a court reporter to easily identify speakers and indicate where the transcriber should verify spelling or specialized terminology. The software makes searching for playback easy, and Digital Reporter even continues to record during playback, so nothing is lost.

The Digital Reporter package also includes Digital Transcriber® software, which is designed to help transcribers do their job more efficiently and more accurately. The software utilizes the same audio controls used in most media applications, so performance is almost intuitive. Digital Transcriber can also be controlled with a foot pedal so that the transcriber’s hands can stay close to the keyboard for typing, and the transcriber can assign specific functions to each pedal to accommodate his or her own individual preferences.


  • Common file format (*.wav)
  • Realtime recording monitor
  • Flexible sound setup
  • Annotation and playbacks – all while recording
  • Printable TAG file that is easy to access in Notepad
  • User-defined function or hot keys
  • Foot pedal integration
  • User-defined pedal functions